Castle of Heart gets a big update, and a price drop to celebrate – Stone me!

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Castle of Heart on Nintendo Switch has received a major update improving several of the game’s features and adding an Easy Mode.

In Castle of Heart you play a knight who was turned to stone, and as you play your health constantly runs low, forcing you to fight to stay alive, so difficulty was one of the game’s features. With the game’s new update developer 7Levels has added an easy mode so people can play the game in a way so they can more enjoy the story.

Alongside this the developer has improved several features like improving the knight’s animations so he’s more responsive to your inputs, they’ve improved the tutorial so you can get a better idea of the game’s mechanics. Also outside of some major bug fixes and balance updates they’ve also improved the offhand equipment, improving blocking and enabling you to see what damage your offhand weapon can do.

Mick reviewed Castle of Heart back in April giving it 5/10, these improvements may well improve the overall game experience, and with the game getting a 10% discount with this patch it might be worth a look.

Source: God is Geek