Civ VI summer update brings balance changes and a quick restart option – Revolutionary

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The latest title update for Civilization VI is available now, and there’s a hefty amount of changes contained within.

In a lengthy post on the 2K Games Civilization blog all the changes have been detailed, chief of which is a quick restart option allowing you to begin again with all the settings you are currently using. Outside of that there’s mostly loads of percentage changes to costs and build rates as well as adjustments to the UI and how resources appear on the map.

You can probably guess there’s way too many to detail here, but head through the jump above if you want to take a look at all the changes.

Also available now is the Nubia Civilization DLC which sees you as Amanitore as she oversees Nubia, a kingdom between the Nile and Atbara rivers. It’s a rather reasonable £4.49 on Steam.

Source: God is Geek