CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Is Getting Another Classic Perk

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Call of Duty Season 6 arrives October 7, and Treyarch continues to tease more details for Black Ops Cold War‘s final round-based Zombies map. Today’s tweets reveal a popular Black Ops 1 perk is coming to Zombies with Season 6, and there was also a schematic shown for a remote-controlled explosive device.

In yesterday’s blog post, Treyarch revealed the final map is called Forsaken, and it will launch at the start of Season 6. A few details were also given about what players can expect for Cold War’s Dark Aether story conclusion, as Requiem and Omega Group go head-to-head in a fight to deal with the Forsaken, a powerful entity that exists within the Dark Aether.

Whatever this final fight entails, Black Ops 1’s PhD Flopper perk will likely be of some use. Treyarch tweeted out the perk machine jingle for PhD Flopper, so it’s presumably the new perk arriving with Forsaken in Season 6.

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