COD: Mobile Halloween Trailer Reveals Its New Spooky Operators

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Activision has given us a better look at what’s in store for COD: Mobile players this Halloween, releasing a trailer for the themed Season 9 titled Nightmare. The trailer focuses on some of the spooky cosmetics that players can unlock in the Season 9 battle pass, including Nikto’s Scarecrow skin, Artery’s Nosferatu skin, and the Spine Rattle Peacekeeper MK2.

The trailer also gives fans a peek at the new Halloween-themed version of the Standoff map, which shows the Hovec Sawmill as it looks at night, decorated with a myriad of jack-o-lanterns, open coffins, and other spooky ornaments.

Activision is mainly showing off the items included in the Season 9 battle pass, including Scarecrow Nikto, Arachnis Iskrea, Tomb Bound Rott, Nosferatu Artery, and various Epic weapons. The trailer also gives us a peek at the new Legendary Gunzo coming as part of Season 9.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup