CoD: Warzone's New Iron Trials '84 Mode Is Set To Bring Major Changes

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Today, developer Raven Software detailed a hardcore version of battle royale coming to Call of Duty: Warzone. Dubbed Iron Trials, the mode won’t provide loadout drop freebies and will be much more challenging than the standard mode.

Players can expect a lot of familiarities in the upcoming Iron Trials ’84 mode. It’s still a game of being the last team standing, with circle collapses, looting, and a chance to fight for a second chance in the Gulag. However, this new mode is set to tweak Warzone’s current formula for something meant to be much more grueling.

The match duration and circle collapse are changing in Verdansk. Round timers will be decreased by 12%, while the speed of the circle collapse has been increased by 12%. These changes will ramp up the pace of matches. However, transportation will be much more scarce in these faster matches, as Raven revealed that only ATVs and dirt bikes will be available.

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