Conan O'Brien Reviews Among Us As A "Bad Game"

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Yesterday on the Good Game, Nice Try podcast, late night icon Conan O’Brien joined hosts Sonja Reid and Aaron Bleyaert to give his “incredibly unfair and invalid” opinion on Innersloth’s smash-hit Among Us. His verdict: it’s not a good game.

Bleyaert posed the question of how O’Brien felt about Among Us to sort of test the waters and get the conversation flowing. O’Brien was quick to jump on the opportunity, as he loves to tick off gamers. “As everyone knows, I don’t know a lot about games, and I’m not good at games,” O’Brien said. “But I love having a lot of opinions about games and sharing those with people in the legitimate gaming world, thus infuriating them.”

Once Beyaert revealed the game in question, O’Brien excitedly told his companions on the show that he had heard of the game because it’s one of his son’s favorites. He went on to (jokingly) admit that he tends to space out when his children talk about video games or their feelings, so he had no real concept of the game other than its name and the fact that his son received a crocheted crewmate (or Blip Blop, as O’Brien calls them) from the game for his birthday.

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