Control, Alan Wake Dev Has A Third Unannounced Game Now In Pre-Production

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Remedy Entertainment–the studio responsible for the award-winning surreal action-adventure game Control–currently has three games in development, with two of them now entering pre-production.

Studio head Tero Virtala, in a recent financial report, confirmed that progress on Crossfire/Crossfire X and Vanguard (both multiplayer experiences of some sort) is going smoothly. Virtala said Crossfire is expected to launch on Xbox One sometime this year, while Vanguard is now entering the pre-production phase.

Virtala also spoke a little about a third, unannounced project Remedy is working on in conjunction with the two mentioned above. He shared no concrete details about this game other than that it too has entered pre-production. All in all, in addition to extra DLC for Control, Remedy is working on four games in total. And each one, with the exception of Vanguard, will run on the studio’s in-house Northlight game engine.

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