Control–The Trailer For The First DLC Is Here, Showing Off The Foundation

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Control is getting its first of two major expansions on March 26 with The Foundation, and a first trailer has just been released. That date only applies to the PC and PS4 versions of the game, though–thanks to a timed exclusivity deal with Sony, Xbox One owners will have to wait until June 25.

The expansion will see Jesse heading into the eponymous location to stop the Astral Plane, which is threatening to consume the Oldest House. She’s seeking Helen Marshall, who has was presumed missing in the original campaign, and who pops up briefly in the trailer below.

Along with this expansion, a free update will also be dropping for all versions of the game. It will add a new ability, Shield Rush, as well as the option of reassigning your Ability Points to change your build mid-game. There are some general quality of life changes and an upgrade to the map visuals coming for all players.

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