Counter-Strike: GO's Latest Update Changes Dust 2 In A Big Way

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an eSports pillar, and as such, players get used to how things are after a while. One of those many lessons learned is that going over to B site from CT Spawn on Dust 2 almost always meant taking some damage from T Spawn thanks to a nearly perfect line-of-sight. However, that era of CS:GO is now over, as the game’s latest update has introduced some significant changes to the game, including a rework of its most popular map.

On Twitter, CS:GO’s developers showed off a brief look at some of the changes that are coming to Dust 2. You can find the video down below.

That’s right; visibility from Dust 2’s Terrorist spawn has seemingly been dramatically reduced, a change that shifts the entire balance of the map. The Counter-Terrorist team should now be able to rotate over to B site at the start of a map without worrying about getting headshot five seconds into a match. It’s a massive change to one of Counter-Strike’s most iconic maps and should change the way every round there starts out.

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