Cyber Monday 2019 PlayStation Plus Deal: $40 For 1 Year Of PS Plus

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While Black Friday 2019 is technically over, deals are still going strong into Cyber Monday. If you were lucky enough to take advantage of some of the PS4 console deals going around, you’ll want a PlayStation Plus membership to go along with it. PlayStation Plus lets you play multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep online, keep all of your saves in the cloud to access them on any PS4, and play two free games each month as long as you keep your membership.

One year of PS Plus usually costs $60, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday have brought us some big discounts on that price. On Black Friday itself, you could get a year of PS Plus for $36, but this deal has since ended, and we don’t expect it’ll be that cheap again this weekend. Right now, the best deal you can still find on PS Plus is at Ebay, which is selling 12-month subscription cards for $40 each. This is still a great deal, and because PS Plus memberships can be stacked, you can stock up now and save yourself money in the longterm.

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday PS Plus deal: $40 at Ebay

Please note these are physical cards, so you’ll have to wait to redeem it until it arrives in the mail, but it comes with free shipping.

Sony’s official offer on PlayStation Plus for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 is $45 for a yearly membership, so that’s the deal you’ll find at most major retailers. That’s still a 25% savings, so if the Ebay deal sells out, it’s worth tacking on another year to your subscription at this price.

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