Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Finally Comes To Stadia

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After a messy launch and more than its fair share of bugs, developers at CD Projekt Red have been hard at work issuing patches to address the game’s most glaring issue. Yet hotfix 1.06, an important patch that launched just before Christmas for consoles and PC, has only just arrived for Stadia players, many of whom were counting the extra days they had to wait for the fix.

In a CDPR forum thread about the hotfix, disgruntled Stadia players counted the days since the hotfix launched on other platforms, with one commenter still suffering from the missing Dum Dum glitch that the hotfix addresses.

The hotfix has a number of extra bug fixes on Stadia, which may have been why the patch was so delayed on Google’s game streaming platform. The Stadia-specific patch notes are as follows:

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