Cyberpunk 2077 PSA: Get Double-Jump Cyberware, Not Charge Jump

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge game, and part of what makes the size of Night City compelling is the number of options you’ll have to go through many of its missions. When working your way through the territory of gangs, corps, or other enemies, you can go in guns blazing, pick a stealthier approach, or even often talk your way out of conflicts altogether. Having more options allows you to tune Cyberpunk 2077 to your playstyle.

Apart from the character attributes you choose to invest in, one of the biggest ways you’ll unlock new paths for yourself is through your cyberware. These are the cybernetic augmentations you can install in your body, enhancing your strength, vision, hacking capabilities, and more. But there’s one piece of cyberware you should absolutely get, even if you ignore all the others–it’ll change the way you play Cyberpunk 2077 and open up a whole lot of possibilities, from how you approach missions to how you get around the world.

That piece of cyberware is the Reinforced Tendons upgrade for your legs, and it unlocks an extremely useful ability: double jump.

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