Dead Cells Is Now Easier, Thanks To Its New Update

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Dead Cells‘ 25th update, “Practice Makes Perfect,” adds a training room and special optional enhancements to make the roguelike easier. The update, which is live now on PC and consoles, aims to make the learning curve of Dead Cells easier for newcomers, without taking away the difficulty fans enjoy.

The new training room allows players to practice fighting any mob they have already encountered in the game. Players can also practice fighting the bosses in the environment they are normally found in order to hone their skills before facing the real deal.

The other new addition is the optional Aspects, which give special one-off powers that make it easier to progress through the game. While an Aspect is active, players can’t unlock new boss cells or flawless boss achievements, so players will need to finish a run without an Aspect to unlock the next difficulty level. The Aspects provide specific bonuses, like Toxin Lover which negates the effect of poison and causes poisonous gas clouds and pools to slowly heal you. Players will need to pick the Aspect that best suits their playstyle.

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