Death Stranding: Kojima Is Thinking About A Sequel, But Would "Start From Zero"

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Death Stranding, Sony’s big holiday 2019 release, is the first game from Hideo Kojima in the wake of his split from Konami. The game received mostly positive reviews (including our own 9/10 review), and seems to have pleased many fans of Kojima’s previous work on the Metal Gear Solid series. In a recently-published discussion, held shortly before the game was released, Kojima has briefly touched on the possibility of a sequel.

In a discussion with Variety, Kojima discusses his friendship with Norman Reedus, and talks about wanting to work with Reedus again. Kojima said that he would consider making a Death Stranding sequel with Reedus, but that he would “start from zero;” it seemingly would not follow on directly from the first game. There are no further details or thoughts given (although Kojima does share a charming anecdote about Reedus’ cat throwing up.)

Another great tidbit casually dropped in this piece is that Helen Mirren attended the game’s launch event because her stepson, Alex Hackford, worked on it as the head of Creative Music Affairs at PlayStation.

Kojima has also hinted on Twitter that he might return to horror after the cancellation of his much-anticipated Silent Hills, which also would have starred Norman Reedus. Nothing specific has been announced about the next game from Kojima Productions, although Death Stranding will receive a substantial update in the middle of December.

Source: Game Spot Mashup