Deathloop Weapons Guide – Where To Find Blackreef's Best Firearms

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The island of Blackreef is full of people just itching for the chance to kill you and bring your looping day to a premature end. Of course, you likely have other plans, but you’re going to need the tools to help stave off the heat of an intense firefight when stealth isn’t an option. That’s where Deathloop’s many visually distinct and brutally effective weapons come into play, and you’ll want to pick up some of the game’s best to give yourself a fighting chance at breaking the loop.

Truth be told, you don’t need the best weapons that Deathloop has to offer to beat the game. The same goes for the supernatural powers offered up by items called Slabs, which we’ve already rounded up. But even though you can get around Blackreef without the best firepower in your pocket, the truth is that Arkane’s latest game is a fantastic shooter, so why not treat yourself to some of the best blasters that the game has to offer?

Many of Deathloop’s best weapons are found on the cold, dead bodies of its Visionary bosses, but there are a handful that you can only find through careful examination of some districts at specific times of the day. Whether you want to enhance your ability to execute from the shadows or just further the game’s power fantasy when going load, each one of these rare firearms are great options to infuse and keep with you between runs.

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