Deathloop's First Update Fixes Some Big Issues On PS5 And PC

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While Deathloop was released to some extremely positive reviews, including GameSpot’s, the game itself has had some issues. Players on both PS5 and PC have experienced crashes, strange reactions from NPCs, and a boatload of other problems while exploring Deathloop’s island. A majority of those should be gone now though, thanks to the game’s first major patch.

The patch, officially titled Game Update 1, will be a 5GB download for PS5 users and an 11GB download for PC users. On the console end, players can look forward to an HDR calibrator for the game, so they’re no longer stunned by their screen late at night when the sun comes out in-game.

PC players on the other hand have a lot of new features coming with this patch. Along with fixes for Deathloop’s NPCs, anyone who has one of Nvidia’s beefier graphics cards can now turn on Nvidia DLSS for a smoother 4K experience. Likewise, support for audio coming from Sony’s DualSense controller has also been added.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup