Demon Slayer, Mortal Kombat Rule The Box Office In The US

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The latest box office numbers for the United States have arrived, and Demon Slayer and Mortal Kombat finished in the top two positions, in that order. Right up front it bears mentioning that the pandemic continues to impact the box office and its results, so these numbers and analysis should be viewed in part through that lens.

Demon Slayer made $6.4 million to land at the No. 1 position, bringing its total to $32.2 million in the US. Mortal Kombat, meanwhile, added $6.2 million to boost its total to $34 million after just 10 days.

The films each crashed week-over-week, with Demon Slayer dropping by 73% and Mortal Kombat tumbling by 70% in terms of their weekend box office hauls in the US.

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