Destiny 2: All The Shadowkeep Weapons And Armor In Bungie's Latest ViDoc

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Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep expansion is quickly approaching, and as we come closer to its October 1 release, Bungie keeps giving us glimpses of the new locations, activities, and gear players can expect to find. We’re headed back to the moon, where we’ll find Nightmare creatures to fight and a whole new set of weapons specifically designed to beat them.

Bungie’s latest ViDoc gives the best sense of the third year of Destiny 2 we’ve seen yet, outlining how Shadowkeep and the Season of the Undying will start to change things in the game. It also presents some hints about the story, shows off a new loot system, and details an update to Nightfall Strikes.

And of course, the ViDoc is also filled with images that show what we can expect in Shadowkeep–including armor, guns, activities, enemies, and locations. Check out the gallery below for the latest look at Shadowkeep and a few clues we’ve gleaned from what appeared in the video.

The ViDoc showed a lot of different weapons and armor in action.

Shadowkeep’s new Armor 2.0 brings a new system for applying mods and perks to armor. There’s a new interface for the system, which Bungie detailed in its Director’s Cut blog posts.

The weapons you’ll get from Eris Morn are specifically designed to deal with the powerful Nightmares you’ll encounter on the moon. They’re covered in Hive runes that’ll glow when Nightmares are nearby.

It looks like we’ll see a number of Eris-themed guns for fighting Nightmares, like the return of Phogoth from Destiny 1.

We got a look at a number of cool new guns in the ViDoc.

In addition to the moon armor Bungie has shown off, we also got another look at the armor coming from the Vex-themed Garden of Salvation Raid.

Among the guns shown off in the ViDoc is one players found at PAX, an Exotic rocket launcher called Deathbringer. This one fires rockets that explode and send out seeking Void orbs to chase down more enemies.

We’ve also saw the Exotic bow Leviathan’s Breath on the Shadowkeep content calendar. The ViDoc shows it in action more than once.

And there’s Divinity, an Exotic trace rifle that’ll get its own Exotic quest toward the end of October.

The new version of Nightfall Strikes, dubbed “The Ordeal,” will include powerful new enemies called Champions.

We got another look at the new Destiny 2 character sheets in the ViDoc, as well as some fresh gear–including a Ghost shell modeled after a Vex Harpy.

Eris Morn’s Lectern of Enchantment is how you’ll craft new guns, using the resources you claim from Nightmare enemies.

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