Destiny 2 Content Calendar Includes New Dungeon, Exotic Quests

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There’s going to be plenty to do in the next few months of Destiny 2, if Bungie’s new content calendar for the upcoming season and expansion is any indication. We knew the Shadowkeep expansion would bring lots of changes and a few new activities, but Bungie’s latest details also include some Exotic weapons quests, and perhaps most interestingly, a new dungeon.

Thanks to the latest This Week at Bungie, we now have some idea of the new live content to expect with the release of the big new Shadowkeep expansion, as well as Destiny 2’s next season, the Season of the Undying. Bungie released a content calendar image that runs down everything that’s coming in October and November, and explains what you’ll get for free and what comes with a purchase of Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying content roadmap
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying content roadmap

The image also gives a few new details about what’s going on in the Season of the Undying, the first live-content season of Destiny 2’s Year Three. We had some idea of what that season was all about: it covers the Vex response to what the Hive are up to on the moon in Shadowkeep. According to the content calendar, the Vex will launch their own offensive on the moon starting on October 5, the same day the Vex-centric Garden of Salvation raid is released. Things on the Vex front pick up again in November, with an event called “Vex Offensive: Final Assault.”

It also appears that new Exotic weapon Divinity will be unlocked by an Exotic quest. That’s at odds with what players previously believed: it appeared up to now that Divinity would be the Exotic weapon hidden in the Garden of Salvation raid, similar to Tarrabah in Crown of Sorrows, One Thousand Voices in Last Wish, or Anarchy in Scourge of the Past.

Not all of the content on the calendar is free. Most of it requires the purchase of the $40 Shadowkeep expansion, which also includes the Season of the Undying content. Destiny 2 will also have three more seasons after that, which players can buy a la carte or as part of a new Season Pass.

Here’s everything on the content calendar and what you’ll have to buy to get it:


  • Moon destinations
  • Seasonal Artifact
  • Finisher moves
  • Armor 2.0 system
  • Festering Core Strike
  • The Scarlet Keep Strike
  • Widow’s Court PvP Map (reprised from Destiny 1)
  • Twilight Cap PvP Map (reprised from Desitny 1)
  • Fragment PvP Map
  • Free Seasonal Rank rewards
  • Elimination Crucible mode
  • Iron Banner event (October 15)
  • Momentum Control PvP Mode (October 29)
  • Festival of the Lost seasonal event (October 29-November 19)


  • Garden of Salvation Raid (October 5)
  • Hero & Legend Nightmare Hunts (October 8)
  • Master Nightmare Hunts (October 15)
  • Dungeon Launch (October 29)
  • Divinity Exotic Quest (October 29)
  • First Raid Challenge (November 5)

Season of the Undying (Included with Shadowkeep)

  • Vex Offensive begins (October 5)
  • Leviathan’s Breath Exotic Quest (October 22)
  • Vex Offensive: Final Assault (November 19)

Source: Game Spot Mashup