Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost Has Neat Easter Egg For Players Of Last Year's Event

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Spooky season is here in Destiny 2 with the launch of this year’s Festival of the Lost, which brings with it new activities and items. For players of last year’s event, there’s a bonus Easter egg that comes with some extra loot.

Last year’s Festival of the Lost awarded players a strange, seemingly useless item: an Ascendant Lens. For longtime players of Destiny 2, random objects with no apparent purpose are no surprise, but the fact that this was an award for the Festival’s main challenges made it notable. Bungie has finally incorporated the item in this year’s Festival, as you can now bring it to Queen Mara Sov for some extra loot.

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If you still have the lens, you’ll get a quest to bring it to Mara Sov. Once she receives it, she’ll give you some lore about its purpose and a package of goodies. This includes three Jurassic Green pulse rifles, 21 Spectral Pages, and an Enhancement Prism.

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