Destiny 2 Is Making Big Changes To Microtransactions This Fall

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A whole bunch of changes are in the offing for Destiny 2 in its next content year, with Bungie altering the rewards you can earn in-game and the premium customization items you can purchase. Starting this fall, you’ll have new options for customizing your characters and new ways to earn currency to earn premium cosmetics without having to pay for them.

Director Luke Smith detailed some of the changes in the latest This Week at Bungie blog post, which include the addition of transmogrification, which will give players a bunch of new armor customization options. The biggest alteration to the Eververse Store, where players can buy cosmetic items for premium currency purchased with real money, is in what it sells. Starting in Year 4, the Eververse Store won’t sell items that are share visual themes with items you’d earn from activities such as raids in-game–meaning you won’t have to purchase cool looks for certain weapons, armor, or accessories, you’ll earn them.

You’ll also have more ways of earning Bright Dust, the premium currency you can use in the Eververse Store that you get from completing in-game activities, rather than spending real money. Smith writes that Bright Dust will be easier to earn and methods of doing so will be account-specific, rather than character-specific. Right now, players who put time into all three characters on their account can earn more Bright Dust than players who only play with one; Bungie’s changes should alter that to make things a little more even for single-player characters.

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