Destiny 2 Patch Notes For The Dawning Update, Live Now

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With the latest weekly reset in Destiny 2, Bungie has released the new hotfix update that coincides with the launch of this year’s holiday-themed event, The Dawning. That means you can get a bunch of wintry items and cosmetics–including a new gun that requires very little effort–while also diving into core new Season of Dawn content, namely the EDZ and Nessus Sundial obelisks and their corresponding rewards and activities. Here’s what’s new and a look at the patch notes.

Of the most immediate concern is The Dawning, the time-limited event that runs from now until January 14. Much like last year, Eva Levante has returned to the Tower with a set of bounties and a revamped version of her oven: Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0. This is used to craft treats for various bounties and quests. When Eva gives it to you, she’ll give you the necessary materials to craft an item for Zavala–quickly take it over to him and return to Eva to receive a package that will net you The Dawning’s new weapon for this year, Cold Front, a submachine gun.

Eververse also has a ton of new cosmetics, including a finisher, shader, ghost shells, sparrow, emotes, and more. You can buy them all now for Silver, but Bungie shared on Twitter that everything–except for one item, the Perfect Ten finisher–will be sold for Bright Dust through Eververse during the event, which is certainly welcome news.

Outside of The Dawning, Season of Dawn’s other content continues to roll out. That includes the EDZ and Nessus obelisks, which can now be connected to the Sundial, allowing you to take on new bosses and earn a pair of new weapons from each. Additionally, there’s another Saint-14 mission.

Finally, in terms of the update, there are an assortment of fixes, including those related to Escalation Protocol chests and Resonate Stems not working properly. But I think we can all agree the best part of the patch notes concerns a fix for an issue where, and I quote, “finishers could yeet bosses off the map and cause other shenanigans.” So that’s sorted.

You can see the full patch notes below.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Update Patch Notes

Combat Systems

  • Fixed an issue where Dynamo mods were granting more Super energy than expected
  • Fixed an issue where swapping between Hand Cannons with Explosive Rounds could result in higher damage than intended
  • The fixed-roll of Pyroclastic Flow no longer has Tap the Trigger as a perk
  • Fixed an issue where Symmetry’s arc seekers would unintentionally stagger Unstoppable Champions
  • Note: this perk is meant for an Exotic weapon that is coming out later in the Season
  • Fixed an issue where finishers could yeet bosses off the map and cause other shenanigans


  • Fixed an issue where attempting to launch Forsaken Baron adventures would cause a Honeydew error


  • Resonate Stems, Escalation Protocol chests, and other impacted rewards will now be granted properly
  • Fixed and issue where some Sundial rewards could be infused without dismantling the item


  • Fixed an issue where the Sunbreaker Titan armor ornament bundle could still be purchased at full price even if some items where owned


  • PC video settings now save correctly and do not get reset when launching the game

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