Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Season Of The Worthy Update Changes Armor, Exotics

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Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy has arrived, and with it comes a big update that makes a whole bunch of promised changes to the game. Bungie is reintroducing the Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode this weekend, the Power cap has been raised, and we’ve got some new seasonal activities, and the patch notes detail weapon rebalancing that is sure to affect Destiny 2’s overall metagame.

Bungie posted the full patch notes for Update 2.8.0 on its blog, and they’re pretty extensive. We got a lot of these details previously–we knew that a bunch of Exotic armors, like One-Eyed Mask and Contraverse Hold, were getting nerfed a bit to make them less dominant in the Crucible. We also knew that Bungie planned to reduce the power of sniper rifles against boss characters, since snipers have become the go-to weapons for dealing with the toughest enemies in raids and other PvE activities.

Other details have been mentioned along the way, and it’s interesting to see how they’ll play out. Update 2.8.0 changes the new Armor 2.0 system, in which each piece of armor you get has an “energy” type. Since Shadowkeep, you’ve only been able to add mods to armor that match its energy type, which stirred complaints from the Destiny 2 community–you might have earned a good piece of armor, but then discovered it wasn’t compatible with the mods you like, thus lowering its usefulness. The new update allows you to change the energy type of a piece of armor at the cost of one Upgrade Module, which should add even more customization to the already strong loadout system.

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