Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Update Nerfs Hunter Shatterdive, Fixes Deep Stone Crypt Bug

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A big chunk of the Destiny 2 community has had a rough time since the release of the Beyond Light expansion and the addition of its new icy abilities, known as Stasis. One ability in particular–the Hunter class’s Shatterdive–has been dominant in PvP activities thanks to its massive damage protection and versatility. Bungie has heard players’ complaints, though, and in its latest hotfix update to the game, it has nerfed Shatterdive significantly.

Bungie released the full patch notes for Update 3.0.2 on its website, and you can read them below. Mostly, the hotfix consists of bug fixes on various abilities and activities. The most significant change, though, is to Shatterdive. Bungie has cut the range of the ability’s damage, the amount it affects enemies who aren’t frozen by Stasis, and how much protection it affords to players who use it.

The Shatterdive ability worked by allowing Hunters to jump into the air and then crash down, generating a wave of energy that could destroy Stasis crystals created by things like Stasis grenades. Those crystals exploded, doing damage to any enemies or opponents nearby, while giving the Hunter heavy damage resistance during the fall. The result was that Hunters could use grenades and Shatterdive to kill enemies almost instantly, and what’s more, the ability made them extremely tough to counter, since they became so difficult to kill. It wasn’t uncommon to see a Hunter in the Crucible use Shatterdive to even kill Guardians who were using their Super abilities. Essentially, the ability was pretty highly overpowered.

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