Destiny 2 PSA: Cash In Your Crucible Tokens While You Can

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An upcoming update for Destiny 2 will be revamping the rewards system, which means a lot of changes to loot to make it more worthwhile to visit the Moon and the Dreaming City. As part of the changes, though, Bungie will be changing Crucible tokens, so be sure to cash those in while you can.

In a This Week At Bungie blog post, the studio detailed the changes to the reward progression, including Crucible tokens. Tucked away near the bottom of the explanation is a warning to use them or lose them before the new season begins, expected in February.

“Due to this automated progression, Crucible Tokens and Crucible Token Gifts are no longer needed and will be deprecated into junk that will delete as a full stack starting in Season 13,” the blog notes. “So, cash those tokens in before the end of the Season, and get ready to earn some Masterwork materials!”

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