Destiny 2 Seraph Bunker Upgrade Requirements Are Bugged: Here Are The Real Ones

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The Season of the Worthy has kicked off in Destiny 2, but it already has a few issues. Bungie has run down a list of known bugs and errors that are present in the new content season, and it looks like the one that might be most confusing to players has to do with the requirements to complete Rasputin’s Seraph bunkers.

Bungie detailed the list of issues on Twitter, including the fact that the new Seraph bunkers are listing incorrect requirements to complete them. You’ll get to one not long after starting the story quest for the Season of the Worthy by visiting Zavala–the first bunker you visit is located in the EDZ on Earth, but there are several scattered throughout the solar system.

Here are the real requirements to upgrade each of Rasputin’s Seraph Bunkers to Tier 1:

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