Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Gives You A Cool New Exotic Gun Right Away

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Even for the most dedicated of Destiny 2 players, it can be a little overwhelming to jump into the game right now. Server issues aside, there have been a massive number of changes implemented, as detailed in the update patch notes. Among the new systems is a Fortnite-style battle pass, through which you earn rewards by accumulating experience points by simply playing the game. Among the rewards is a new Exotic gun, and you can actually get your hands on it right away. Here’s how.

Bringing up the Director will reveal a few new menu options. You can access the Eververse store, the new Quests page (for tracking pursuits, quests, and bounties), and Seasons. It’s in the latter area that you can check out the rewards available for the current season–Season of the Undying. There are two separate tracks here: the top one, which everyone can earn, and the bottom one, which requires you to buy the season pass. Luckily, Shadowkeep’s standard edition includes the season pass, so if you’ve bought the expansion, you have access to the premium reward track. (Shadowkeep’s deluxe edition gets you access to the three subsequent season passes as well, or you can buy them individually.)

Among other things, this means you have rewards waiting for you right at the start. The Tier 1 reward on the premium track is a “premium class rewards” package that consists of seasonal exclusive armor for your class and Eriana’s Vow.

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Eriana’s Vow is a brand-new Exotic hand cannon that goes in your energy weapon slot, and it’s quite fun to use. It’s equipped with a scope and has the Looks Can Kill perk, which causes it to fire shield-piercing ammo. It also has the Death at First Glance perk, which causes your first shot after aiming down sights to deal bonus damage. However, that bonus isn’t consumed if you land a precision shot or you fire the weapon at an elemental shield. It hits hard. If you end up being a big fan of the gun, you’ll want to work your way to Tier 100, which nets you the For Wei weapon ornament (pictured in the gallery above) that’s used on Eriana’s Vow.

Even if you don’t have access to the premium tier of the battle pass, you can still get your hands on the gun. You will, however, need to work at it–it doesn’t unlock until Tier 35 of the free track. Still, at least you aren’t locked out of obtaining it.

If you pre-ordered Shadowkeep, you have other rewards waiting for you, too. However, those require you to play a bit before you get your hands on them. For more, check out our guide on how to claim Shadowkeep’s pre-order bonuses.

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