Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Raid Hidden Chests Guide: Where To Search In Garden Of Salvation

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As with most of Destiny 2‘s raids, the new Garden of Salvation raid introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion is full of secrets. The biggest one is the series of puzzles you need to solve in order to earn Divinity, the raid Exotic trace rifle. But there are also other secrets to find, including two hidden chests that are tied to a Triumph needed to unlock the new raid’s Seal and Title.

The two chests are located during the jumping portions of the raid, between the first and second encounters, and the third and fourth encounters. They’re easy to miss if you don’t know where to look for them, but not especially hard to grab once you know where they’re secreted away. Unfortunately, they don’t drop Powerful raid loot–but they do often include raid-specific mods for your armor that can make surviving in the Black Garden a little easier. Here’s where to find the chests as you work through the raid.

Hidden Chest No. 1: The Undergrowth

You’ll find your first hidden chest as you work through the Undergrowth area of the Black Garden, right after you finish the first encounter of the raid, chasing the Consecrated Mind. As you head forward from the reward chest from the end of that encounter, you’ll drop down into an underground area full of huge tree roots and glowing plants. This is the Undergrowth, and crossing it is the first big jumping puzzle of the raid.

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When you first enter the Undergrowth, you should see two pathways spreading out ahead of you: one hugging the wall on the left side of the area, and one hugging the wall on the right. Follow the path to the left, walking onto the big tree root that leads toward some stone platforms. Ahead, you should see a big bronze Vex machine similar to what you’ve encountered in places such as Nessus. On the right side of it, look for a square elevator moving up and down. You’re aiming for that spot.

The elevator hangs when it hits the top, drops down, and then immediately starts up again when it hits its lowest point. You want to land on it when it’s low, so careful timing is important. Once you’re aboard, wait for the elevator to drop to the bottom and then look to the right of it for a hole in the wall right beside it. That’s your destination. Carefully hop over, being careful not to get knocked off by the rising elevator. You’ll find the first chest just inside.

Hidden Chest No. 2: The Climb To The Sanctified Mind

You’ll have two more encounters before you go after the second and final hidden chest in the raid. Once you’ve killed the Consecrated Mind, you’ll head into the area where the chest is hidden. If you hit the final boss fight with the Sanctified Mind, you’ve gone too far, but the place where the chest is hidden is pretty obvious, so you shouldn’t pass it without realizing.

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Keep moving forward through the second jumping puzzle until you reach a big field that includes Vex statues, trees, flowers, and some flowing white waterfalls of Vex milk. The path forward takes you up the big tree on the right side of the area, past some enemies. You’ll continue up the hill, where you’ll see two openings. The one of the left is what you’re looking for, and leads you inside the tree you just scaled.

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When you get inside the three, spin around 180 degrees and face the opening you just entered through. Up above it is a platform and you should be able to make out the glow of the chest. If you head back outside, you can follow a jumping path around the outside of the tree to the right that will take you to its top, where you can then jump down to the platform. But the easier way up is just to jump on the thin tree stump on the right side of the tree’s interior. You should be able to get onto it without much difficulty and then just jump straight up to the platform. As a Hunter, I made this jump without issue using Triple Jump, without doing anything in particular to spec for mobility or using jump-enhancing ST0MP-EE5 Exotic boots. It should be easy for any class to get there.

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Once you’ve grabbed the second chest, you’re all set to continue on to the Sanctified Mind to finish the raid–unless, that is, you’re trying to get the Divinity Exotic trace rifle. If that’s the case, you’ll need to solve a bunch of puzzles throughout the raid, so check out our Divinity guide for all the steps.

You’ll need to open the hidden chests 10 times in the raid to unlock the associated Triumph, so get raiding.

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