Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes Detail Nerfs For Warlock Stasis Abilities

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With the new Beyond Light expansion to Destiny 2 has come a new slate of powers called Stasis, which give players the ability to freeze and shatter enemies–and each other. In the case of the Warlock class, those abilities have been a little too powerful, allowing fireteams to ravage raid bosses and players to dominate in the Crucible. In Destiny 2’s latest hotfix, Warlock Stasis abilities got a pretty universal nerf, and a few other issues got fixed along the way as well.

Bungie shared the patch notes for Hotfix on its website, where it ran down just how much the Warlock Shadebinder subclass is getting tweaked. The most significant changes are in the duration for freezes against other players in the Crucible, Destiny’s player-vs.-player arena. Previously, getting nailed by Warlock Stasis abilities would freeze you solid for a full 4.75 seconds, which was pretty much a death sentence. After the hotfix, Warlock freezing abilities will lock you up for a much more modest 1.35 seconds.

The Warlock Super ability, which allows players to shoot ice crystals to freeze enemies and then release a blast of energy to shatter them, has been nerfed as well. The duration of the Super has been reduced from 30 seconds to 24 seconds, which, paired with the reduction in freeze times, should make it a little less dominant in Crucible play. Bungie also reduced the damage created by freezing enemies, which should make it a little more realistic to survive getting hit by Stasis (and make it tougher for players to completely ravage bosses with ice).

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