Destiny 2 Vault Of Glass Guide: How To Beat Every Encounter And Find All Hidden Chests And Collectibles

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Destiny‘s first-ever raid, the Vault of Glass, has finally returned in Destiny 2. While any memories you might have of developer Bungie’s classic six-player activity will serve you well in returning to the Vault, not everything is as it was before. The raid has been revamped in this new version, adding new enemies like Champions and Harpies, and making slight tweaks to the puzzles, encounters, and secrets hidden along the way. We’ve scoured the raid to find everything it has to offer, and with the guide below, you can best every one of the Vault’s challenges.

What you need to know most of all is that the Vault of Glass is filled with tough enemies and you’ll spend a lot of time fighting wave after wave of the Vex. Make sure you have solid weapons for clearing lots of enemies quickly. With the launch of the Season of the Splicer, grenade launchers are in vogue–so spending a lot of time getting great ones, like Witherhoard, Anarchy, and Salvager’s Salvo, can go a long way to making this battle easier.

Below, we’ll detail everything you need to know to beat all of the encounters in the Vault of Glass, while leading you to all 12 collectibles to help you get the new Bitterpearl shader (a revival of the D1 classic Chatterwhite) and all four hidden chests.

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