Destiny 2's Eyes On The Moon: How To Start The Vex Offensive Activity

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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s newest Raid, Garden of Salvation, went live over the weekend. Thanks to the first group of players who were able to complete it, new content has now been unlocked for all players with access to Season of the Undying (included with Shadowkeep): the Vex Offensive. The central component of the new, Vex-centric season is now officially underway, but in order to take part in the Vex Offensive you’re told to complete the Eyes on the Moon quest. Despite being given the name of the quest, you might be at a loss for how to proceed. Here’s what you need to do to finish Eyes on the Moon and unlock the Vex Offensive.

Now that the Raid has been beaten, when you log into Destiny you’ll get a new cutscene where Ikora talks about the Vex and we see the new threat they pose. You’ll want to speak directly to Ikora at the Tower, and she’ll give you a quest. At this point, it seems as if you can jump into Vex Offensive, which has its own node when looking at the moon’s map, but this is locked until you complete the aforementioned Eyes on the Moon quest. Despite some confusion with the name, all you need to do is complete the quest Ikora has given you, where you have to kill 100 Vex and three Gate Lords on the moon.

How To Complete Eyes On The Moon

While you can find the occasional Vex wandering around the moon, this quest step can only fully be completed by taking part in one of the Vex Invasion Zones–so-called “warpgate hot spots.” These are public event-style occurrences that take place in one of three designated areas: Hellmouth, Archer’s Line, and Anchor of Light. These happen periodically, seemingly before or after the standard public events that can unfold in these areas. There’s little mistaking them: You’ll see a giant electric storm and warpgate in the sky and a lot of Vex on the ground.

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For the purposes of finishing Eyes on the Moon, you’ll just have to kill a lot of Vex and the boss–known as a Gate Lord–that spawns at each of these invasion sites. If you successfully kill the Gate Lord before it leaves, another warpgate will open up nearby. You can make your way through three of these encounters before then taking on a special hydra enemy called an Overlord. Killing that will end the event. You don’t need to successfully make your way through the entire event for the purposes of Eyes on the Moon, but doing it in one shot will guarantee you the three Gate Lord kills that you need.

The Vex Offensive

Once you’ve secured the necessary number of kills, only then are you technically granted the quest called Eyes on the Moon (hence the confusion some players have experienced). This simply involves speaking with Eris Morn. Once that’s done, you can freely access the Vex Offensive, which is a six-player PvE matchmaking activity. You’ll fight waves of Vex (including Champions, which are the special enemy class that is best dealt with by using weapons with special mods unlocked through the Gate Lord’s Eye seasonal artifact) and earn new weapons.

Ikora, who has long had little purpose at the Tower, now has weekly and daily bounties for Vex Offensive. These pay out XP, glimmer, and Vex Mind Components, a new type of currency you might have already obtained by leveling up the seasonal battle pass. We now know what these are used for: You cash them in with Ikora for “data input” quests, which simply involve racking up 50 Vex kills (in Vex Offensive or elsewhere) with a specified weapon type. Completing one rewards you with a specific weapon which can also be earned in Vex Offensive. Doing these quests, much like the Essence ones on the moon, are a way of farming for your ideal weapon roll.

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