Destiny 2's Five-Year Plan Likely Means Destiny 3 Is Far Away

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With Destiny 2 gearing up for the release of Shadowkeep, developer Bungie outlined what’s to come in the first-person looter-shooter MMO. Destiny 2’s five-year plan is now underway–and it really kicks off when Shadowkeep comes out this October. This likely means Destiny 3, if it ever happens, is years away from release. In the meantime, here’s how Guardians can expect Destiny 2’s ongoing updates to work.

Various Bungie developers–including game director Luke Smith, community head Eric Osborne, production director Justin Truman, and more–spoke about their vision for Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep and beyond in a new vidoc. Bungie is investing in a large system overhaul for the looter-shooter. Everything is changing: armor, enemies, missions, and even the game world itself. The studio claimed it wants to “build Destiny for its core fans [and] the people who love it.”

Everything Is Changing

Director Luke Smith started the vidoc by saying he wants to construct a world where you feel like all your actions move the universe forward in some meaningful way. To achieve this goal, Smith said Shadowkeep is the “first step” for Bungie to build the world it is envisioning for Guardians. Shadowkeep will call you back to the Moon, an important Destiny locale that has undergone some frightening changes. Community head Eric Osborne explained that part of the game is understanding what has changed the Moon and why, and what has the Vanguard Hunter Eris Morn discovered on or in it. Whatever discovery this is, according to Osborne, will have drastic implications on Destiny’s world, extending possibly to March 2020, all the way to this time next year, and beyond. But returning to the Moon will induce nightmares that manifest into enemies from the past.

Shadowkeep doesn’t just present a new suite of missions and raids. It also changes the way you play Destiny 2, according to production director Justin Truman. The studio transitioned to talking about armor, which is seeing a drastic overhaul with Shadowkeep. Armor 2.0, at its core, is about making every character slot count. Stats have returned in the character screen, finishers have mods that affect their properties, and more. Further, Shadowkeep will introduce a bevy of new weapons, from seasonal equipment to Shadowkeep gear and some that glow when nightmares are nearby. Smith says Shadowkeep will allow you to “build your character your way.”

More Ways To Play

With Shadowkeep comes the evolution of how Bungie handles its season pass. The studio is focusing more on how the seasons actually connect and relate to each other in order to create a more cohesive narrative across the whole of Destiny 2. The studio wants to tell “one continuous story” that poses and answers questions, all starting with Shadowkeep.

Fellow production director Matt Zitterman explained that each time you log in to Destiny 2 there’s a new way to play thanks to the seasons. Each system–from season rank to the Artifact–is “designed to make the game more compelling as a character-building game,” according to Zitterman. The Artifact, an infinite power grind, will give you the tools you need to defeat Destiny 2’s new harder enemies, the Champions, as well as the new Nightfall modes. With the introduction of the Artifact, the endgame will soon be about overleveling your character so you can take on Destiny 2’s hardest challenges.

Having a “healthier PvP game” is part of Bungie’s focus within the five-year plan. That includes bringing back original Destiny maps–like Fragment and Widow’s Court–placing Elimination back into the Crucible’s rotating game modes, and more. Each week will feature different iterations on game modes, where Bungie will be looking for player-feedback to make tweaks.

Bungie wants Destiny 2 to have a single, evolving world. The Season of the Undying sees the Vex invading the Moon, and it kicks off the first act of Year Three. From there, Destiny 2 will see a bevy of new content, including new raids, nightmare hunts, exotic quests, and “so much more no matter what player you are,” Osborne said. Creating a single, evolving world is “one of the biggest changes” coming to Destiny 2 overtime. All of these changes follow Activision and Bungie’s break up earlier this year, which now sees the FPS developer showcasing the breadth and scope of its vision for Destiny 2.

Shadowkeep is expected to hit PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 1. Destiny 2 will be a day-one launch title when the Google Stadia comes out sometime this November.

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