Destiny 2's Next Update Brings Massive Stasis Nerfs To The Crucible

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Ever since it was added to the game with the Beyond Light expansion, Destiny 2’s new Stasis abilities–which give players ice-based attacks that can freeze enemies and other players solid–have been hugely popular in the Crucible. A lot of players have complained that Stasis was too dominant in the PvP arena, and Bungie has slowly been making tweaks to bring the subclasses’ abilities in line with the ones that were already in the game. But with the next big patch to the game, Bungie is speeding up the process with updates to Stasis that significantly reduce its power in the Crucible.

Bungie detailed the upcoming patch in its This Week at Bungie blog post, running down a host of significant Stasis changes that it hopes will balance it better in the Crucible. According to Bungie, Stasis subclasses are used heavily in PvP activities, where they’re also generally too strong–they often rank at or near the top of win percentages, suggesting they’re outpacing the other subclasses in the game. On top of that, Bungie said it’s been taking into account a lot of feedback from players, and one recurring theme is the emotional distress of getting frozen or slowed for long periods, and therefore, being unable to defend yourself.

In response, Bungie is ratching back a lot of the damage and power of Stasis abilities, as well as their durations, with Hotfix Those changes are only going to affect the PvP side of the game, it’s worth noting. Bungie says it’s happy with how Stasis functions for crowd-control on the PvE side, so that’s going largely unchanged.

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