Destiny 2's PS5/Xbox Series X Update Is A Revelation

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The Destiny franchise started out as a console-exclusive series, but since Destiny 2‘s release on PC in 2017, there’s been no question about where the best place to play is. PC might still reign supreme if you have high-end hardware, but with the next-gen update now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, it’s not such a no-brainer anymore.

To put it simply, the new update is revelatory for console players. Based on the several hours I’ve spent with the new Xbox Series X-enhanced version so far, it’s finally possible to enjoy the benefits formerly reserved for PC, and the results are stark.

I played Destiny 2 on Xbox One and One X for years, ignoring the PC version until cross-save support finally allowed me to finally bring my progress with me. The benefits were massive in two specific areas: the increase in frame rate (Destiny 2 on consoles has, until now, been locked to 30fps) and the reduction in load times (which were agonizingly long). The contrast in performance between a decent PC and Xbox One was so extreme that, after playing for hours on PC and then jumping back to Xbox, I would be convinced something was actually broken and that my system needed to be restarted or a game update was needed. This happened multiple times, with each instance evoking a no, I know it ultimately wasn’t broken last time, but something is clearly off this time. And those long waits to move from location to location led to more doomscrolling than my brain could handle, something there just isn’t time for when playing on PC.

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