Destiny 2's Vault Of Glass Raid Launches On May 22

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The Vault of Glass raid will hit Destiny 2 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Saturday, May 22. The raid, which Bungie has teased since last year, is a revamped version of the first one ever released in the original Destiny. However, its addition to Destiny 2 will likely come some new elements–including the day one “Contest Mode” that has become standard for Destiny 2 raids.

Bungie announced the exact release for the Vault of Glass on its This Week at Bungie blog. It also detailed what Power level players can expect to be when they take on the raid on the first day. All encounters in the Vault of Glass will be locked at 1300 Power, so players need to be at least that strong to take on the raid in its first 24 hours. Raising your characters’ Power any higher than that, however, won’t help you until Contest Mode ends on May 23.

If you’re not familiar, Contest Mode equalizes the playing field for new raids during their first 24 hours, as players race to be the first in the world to clear the new activity. The mode locks everyone’s Power at a certain level–in this case, 1300–so that you don’t get an advantage for having more time to play the game than other people. It also means that the difficulty of the raid is the same for everyone for that first day. Once Contest Mode ends, normal level rules apply, so the higher your numbers, the stronger you are.

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