Destiny 2's Void Subclass Changes Will Be "Pretty Spicy", Dev Says

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Many of Destiny 2‘s past changes have focused on Stasis powers, but Bungie is now turning its attention to Void subclasses. These will get significantly changed in the upcoming Witch Queen expansion to bring them more in line with Stasis, and GameSpot recently had the chance to speak with game director Joe Blackburn to get a few more details on what the subclass overhaul will entail.

Back in August, when Bungie first revealed The Witch Queen, it also announced that the expansion will include Void 3.0. This update will be a big rework of how Void subclasses currently operate, giving players the ability to apply three negative effects to enemies and three positive effects to teammates. It will also be overhauled to increase customization through the use of Aspects and Fragments.

Blackburn assuaged concerns that long-time players might have about these changes, saying that veterans won’t have to completely re-earn their subclass abilities. “If they’re a regular Destiny player, if they’ve put their time in, [they will find] that there’s going to be a ton of aspects and fragments, all the supers you’d expect to be there,” he explained.

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