Destiny’s April update gives Guardians more to sink their teeth into

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Over on, we’ve been informed of what Guardians can expect to be added to The Taken King in Destiny’s April Update.

It’s been a while since Destiny got updated with what many would consider to be real ‘new’ content. Holiday based events are one thing, but they don’t really compare to the nitty gritty of PvE scenarios.

So, in Destiny’s April update, Bungie will be bringing a host of new things to The Taken King, including an increased Light level (now up to 335), as well as new quests, a Taken area for the Prison of Elders and a new strike.

This was just what was revealed last night, next week’s (30/03/16) stream will show us some of the new gear being included in this update, which will be imperative for obtaining that new maximum Light level. The following week will then show us new live events that Bungie are planning to include.

So, if your love for Destiny has been waning somewhat, it’s highly possible that the April update might just rekindle that spark.

Source: God is Geek