Devil May Cry 3 for Nintendo Switch Will Have An Exclusive Local Co-Op Mode

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Devil May Cry 3 SE for Nintendo Switch is getting extra-special treatment from Capcom, with a number of new exclusive gameplay features being added to the port. The latest addition lets you take up arms with a co-op partner in The Bloody Palace.

The combat-arena will allow you to play as either protagonist Dante or antagonist Vergil in local co-op, as detailed by producer Matt Walker below. You’ll be able to play with any configuration of Joy-Con or Pro Controllers, with different profiles that can be assigned and saved for each player. The mode will be available after you complete the introductory chapter in Devil May Cry 3’s story.

This co-op inclusion is just one of the extras exclusive to the Switch version of Devil May Cry 3 SE. Capcom previously detailed gameplay changes that will allow you to swap both weapons and styles at any point during the game, opening up combo possibilities the entry of Devil May Cry 3 has never seen. It’s similar to the way Dante is featured Devil May Cry 5, letting you cycle through acquired weapons and their effects in certain styles mid-way through combos.

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