Disney Plus Finally Adds "Continue Watching" Function

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Disney+ is now two weeks old, and it’s already become a vital addition to the streaming landscape. However, subscribers were quick to notice that the service was missing an important piece of functionality that its rivals all have, namely the ability to resume playing at the point a movie or show was stopped. Thankfully, the studio has now added this.

A “continue watching” row now appears on the Disney+ home screen on all platforms, just as it is does on Netflix and other streaming services. This addition has been made server-side, so there’s no need to update your app–it’ll just be there next time you log in. In addition, if you find a movie or show via browsing or a search there’s a “resume” button on the title’s main screen.

Disney+ had a huge day one sign-up, with the studio revealing that it gained more than 10 million subscribers in its first day. However, the service’s launch wasn’t without a few technical problems. There was also a bit of controversy about the fact that every episode of The Simpsons available on the service is in widescreen, cropping jokes from earlier seasons. However, the studio has stated that they will be available in their original ratio in 2020.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup