Disney Plus Gives Us Our First Look At New MCU Phase 4 Characters

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Hawkeye are on their way.

Disney+ surprised fans last night by arriving several hours early–great news for anyone who happened to be up late on a Monday night ready to peruse the service’s hundreds upon hundreds of offerings from the first episode of the new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, to full seasons of classic Marvel cartoons. But among the expected releases was a strange new MCU documentary that had been kept strangely quiet until release: Marvel Studios Expanding The Universe is a 12-minute look at the future of the upcoming Marvel shows on Disney+, teasing what they will mean for Phase 4.

For the most part, the documentary includes footage gathered up from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con panel and the Disney+ presentation at Disney’s D23 Expo, but there are some extra interviews sprinkled into the mix as well as some first look shots of brand-new, never-before-seen concept art, including 16 new shots from the upcoming animated show What If…? And new concept art for new and familiar MCU characters for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye.

A new Bucky Barnes.

This look was originally teased on a poster released at D23 Expo, but here we see a much clearer and straightforward shot of Bucky’s new costume, complete with his classic short hair making a long-awaited return.

Sam’s still the Falcon?

Interestingly, the art shared for Sam Wilson did not include a new Captain America costume, but instead a brand new Falcon uniform that skews slightly closer to his comic book counterpart.

Sharon Carter is back.

Announced at D23 earlier this year, Emily Van Camp will be returning to the MCU to play Sharon Carter AKA Agent 13. This is our first look at her new uniform–and, really, the first time she’s worn a proper tactical uniform in the MCU. Notably, the SHIELD logo is nowhere to be seen.

Meet John Walker.

Also announced at D23 was the addition of a brand new character for the MCU: John Walker AKA USAgent, who will be played by Wyatt Russel. Here we finally get a look at his very clearly Captain America-inspired costume.

Zemo’s big debut.

Daniel Bruhl made a surprise “appearance” during the MCU panel at San Diego Comic-Con via a prerecorded video to announce that Baron Zemo would be returning for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. There was a brief shot of him putting on his iconic purple ski-mask. Here, we finally get a clearer look at the entire costume.

Meet Kate Bishop.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier wasn’t the only Disney+ show to get the first-look treatment. We were given concept art of Kate Bishop who will be joining the MCU in the upcoming show Hawkeye. Here she is training with Clint and Lucky the Pizza Dog.


The final piece of art shared was a look at Kate and Clint in costume, with Kate looking like she stepped directly out of a comic book.

Source: Game Spot Mashup