Dontnod want you to brawl like a bloodsucker in Vampyr – Garlic bled

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Dontnod, the creators of Life is Strange have let loose some details on how combat works in their upcoming game Vampyr.

Set in London during 1918 the game puts you in the shoes of a brand new Vampire known as Jonathan Reid. It’ll be up to you to guide him through his quest to find out what’s causing the ‘Spanish flu’ blighting London with vampirism and to come to terms with how it is affecting him.

What you do in the city has a direct effect on how the environment around you develops. With you able to feed on humans to increase your abilities, but this has ramifications for the human populace as they find out more people are dying.

The game also features a large, flexible skill tree that allows for players to customise Jonathan to their own play style. Do you want to be powerful but stealthy? Or do you want to be able to go and straight up murder people with scant regard to the ramifications? You can do it however you want.

Special skills can also be adjusted to grant different effects upon their completion, so Jonathan can fight as you want him to.

What is obvious is that this is a departure from Dontnod’s previous work with Life is Strange and Remember Me. It’ll certainly be one to watch.



Source: God is Geek