Doom Eternal Adds More Cosmetic DLC, Despite Pre-Release Statement About Microtransactions

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Despite assurances that it would be microtransaction-free, two more paid cosmetic packs have been added to store pages for Doom Eternal across platforms. The packs include skins that were previously offered to players for no cost. Doom Eternal’s first paid cosmetic pack, the Rip And Tear Pack, was released nearly two months after the game’s original release and includes preorder exclusive content.

The Series One Cosmetic Pack includes items that were available to players during Doom Eternal’s first season. Players can purchase various nameplates, icons, weapon skins, and character skins by purchasing the pack for $9.

The second pack, the Doomicorn Master Collection Cosmetic Pack, dresses up the Slayer as a pretty pink unicorn. It also includes other skins, new podiums, animations, and other cosmetic items. The pack was originally available in March 2020 for free to anyone that had a Twitch Prime account. It now retails for $5.

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