Doom Eternal Marauder Guide: How To Take Down The Game's Toughest Enemy

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Doom Eternal is full of deadly demons, but none is as worrisome as the Marauder. A former Sentinel soldier, the Maurader has a lot of the same moves as the Doom Slayer, including a short-range dash to avoid attacks and a powerful shotgun to dish out a ton of close-range damage. You’ll face the Marauder as a boss in the game’s sixth mission, but later in the game, it’ll become a regular enemy you’ll have to fight more than once.

The trouble with the Marauder is that it’s the most defensively minded enemy in the game. Where other demons rush at your face, soaking up all the lead you can dump into them, the Marauder actively avoids attacks with a big shield, while dishing out a ton of punishment along the way. Fighting one Marauder can be tough, but mix it in with other demons and it can seem insurmountable.

There are ways to take Marauders down, though. It usually requires sustained damage and a lot of effort, and you’ll want to make sure to keep lots of smaller fodder demons handy for health, armor, and ammo recharges. But if you know what you’re doing when you see a Marauder, you can prioritize the target and take it out before things get too tough. The key is positioning yourself appropriately to win the fight, and to quickly disengage when you get into trouble.

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