Doom Eternal Taras Nabad: Mission 9 Walkthrough And Tips

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After vanquishing the Gladiator in Doom Eternal‘s eighth mission, it’s back to shooting some more demons. Below you can find a step-by-step walkthrough of the game’s ninth mission: Taras Nabad.

For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal’s other chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We’ll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you’re looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, be sure to read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can read our Doom Eternal review in progress.

Mission 9 Walkthrough — Taras Nabad

Follow the path around and jump to the lower platform on your left. A number of enemies will swarm you on the bridge, including a Hell Knight and Cyber Mancubus. Once they’re dead, melee the two contraptions at the end of the bridge on both sides to open the door.

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