Dreii offers Tower Building Fun on Playstation 4 and Vita

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Swiss developer Etter Studio and publisher Bitforge have released their tower building puzzler Dreii on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Europe and North America.

Dreii is a puzzling game that connects players in real-time across the world to help each other solve levels together. Working together to build a tower up to a specific level and then make sure it stays standing, while facing off against explosions, magnetism, thunderstorms and of course, your team mates.

Featuring cross-platform play on PlayStation devices, Dreii allows friends to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita together. The PlayStation version also features Cross-Buy, so owners of both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita can purchase the game once, but download it on both systems!

Dreii also introduces a universal communication tool that allows players to speak to others, wherever they are in the world with simple words that get translated into 19 different languages.

Dreii is available on PSN for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for £9.49, €11.99 and $11.99

Source: God is Geek