Dungeons And Dragons Has A New Collectible That's Exceptionally Weird

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Dungeons & Dragons is filled with larger-than-life characters, mystical elements, and out-of-the-ordinary items. And while WizKids has been producing collectibles based on content from D&D books for years–like these two dragon miniatures–it’s now moving into items that won’t help your campaign but will look great on your shelf. And arriving this February is the Hand and Eye of Vecna, which is–simply put–a severed hand holding an eyeball.

For a little background from D&D lore, Vecna was a powerful wizard who used dark magic to create a horrific empire. Fearful of his eventual death–as he was a mortal–Vecna learned from the demon prince of undeath, Orcus, how to live on after death as a lich. Vecna became the greatest of all liches, but his lieutenant, Kas, found a way to defeat him. And all that remains of Vecna is his left hand and eye–both coveted items with magical abilities. WizKids sent us the collectible a bit early to check out, and you can see the photos of it below.

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The WizKids collectible comes with the hand, the eye, a glass jar and wooden stand, a metal wire mount, and a piece of cloth to cover the mount. The eye fits between the fingers of the hand, with a little help from a magnet. How much does something like this cost? $130, and while it is available for preorder on Amazon, there isn’t an official WizKids Store listing at the time of this writing.

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