Dungeons And Dragons' New Book Is Filled With Mysteries You Can Solve In One Session

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Dungeons & Dragons has been a great way for people to connect with each other throughout the pandemic, even if it’s just playing over Zoom calls. And on March 16, Wizards of the Coast has a new D&D adventure book called The Candlekeep Mysteries, but this time around, it’s made up of a lot of smaller stories.

With many of D&D’s adventure books taking numerous sessions to play, what Candlekeep Mysteries offers plays are short stories that take 1-2 sessions to play. The stories are set for levels 1-16 and all about 10-12 pages long. Candlekeep Mysteries will consist of 17 different adventures, many of which are from new authors. Check out the covers below.

Main cover art by Clint Cearley
Main cover art by Clint Cearley

The central setting for Candlekeep Mysteries is the gigantic Forgotten Realms library. “Candlekeep is a huge fortress that perches on the edge of a sea,” said Chris Perkins, principal story designer for Dungeons & Dragons, during a press conference. And it’s this magically warded fortress, which holds the greatest trove of lore, that the Forgotten Realms (FR) has ever had. And it has existed since the earliest days of FR. It has appeared in every edition of the game in some way shape or form. And it’s I think it’s hard to run an FR campaign and not have the word candlekeep actually come up and the desire for the characters to go there at some point because if you have a question that needs to be answered, if you have a riddle that needs to be solved, a puzzle that needs to be cracked, the best place to go to find the answers you seek is this place.”

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