E3 2021 Games Confirmed So Far

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E3 2021 has nearly arrived, which means we’ll soon be seeing dozens or even hundreds of new games spread across numerous events, showcases, and livestreams. Many of these (like Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest and Devolver’s stream) aren’t technically part of E3, but for the purposes of gaming fans, it makes little difference: June is when we’re going to see a ton of new games and new looks at previously announced ones. But just which games are actually going to be present at these shows?

Well, that’s where things get a little tricky. The list of what we know will be at E3 is rather thin. Whether that’s because of the unusual all-digital nature of this year’s show, a general lack of leaks, or some other factor, the end result is that we should be in store for some surprises during this year’s show.

But to help you set expectations, we’ve assembled a list of the games that we do know will be showing up either during E3 itself or the surrounding events. Much of what’s outlined below will be featured during the Guerrilla Collective’s two streams, which are set for June 5 and June 12, but there are several other titles that have been confirmed to be showing up at E3 in some fashion, including the reveal of the new Battlefield.

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