El Camino Trailer Breakdown – Netflix's Breaking Bad Movie Looks Freaking Great

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Aaron Paul is back as Jesse Pinkman to deal with some unfinished business in the wake of Breaking Bad’s finale

El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie, is just around the corner, set for release on Netflix on October 11–and we can expect the hype to continue to build for the next two weeks. The first full-length trailer was recently dropped, treating fans to an up-close and personal look into just what they can expect when they’re finally reunited with Jesse Pinkman after Breaking Bad’s 2013 finale.

For those who need a quick refresher, Jesse had one of the most open-ended final scenes in the series, featuring him first declining to kill Walter White and then speeding off away from the neo-nazi meth lab he’d been kept as a prisoner within. His final shot was a closeup on his face as he broke out into hysterical laughter, tears shining in his eyes, driving into the night with no real obvious goal or destination.

At least, until now. El Camino is set to pick up Jesse’s story, following him through the aftermath of Walt’s reign of meth-cooking terror. And of course, in true Breaking Bad tradition, none of it will be easy.

We went through the El Camino trailer scene by scene to pick out the major moments and clues you may have missed before you settle down on October 11 to white-knuckle your way through Jesse’s story.

Welcome back, Skinny Pete and Badger

El Camino picks up immediately after the finale of Breaking Bad, where we saw Jesse finally escaping his captors and driving away into the night. The trailer gives us a look what happens immediately after Jesse’s last scene: He drives straight to his pal Skinny Pete’s house (the car and his outfit from the series finale are the same as in the trailer’s first shots).

Given that the last thing Skinny Pete suspected was that Jesse had been willingly cooking after Walt had “passed the torch” to him, we can only imagine that Jesse’s sudden return–and the state he’s obviously in after however many months in captivity–will come as a shock to Pete and subsequently to Badger, who Pete will likely call in to help. Just how much Jesse will tell his friends, and what they’ll be able to do about any of it, remains to be seen.

Torture Scars

As Jesse takes a shower (probably his first one in a long while, judging by all the dirt that comes off of him) we get a very clear look at all of his scars–the byproduct of being tortured within an inch of his life by Jack and his gang as he was being forced to cook for them.

Remember Andrea and Brock?

Jesse’s recovering addict girlfriend, Andrea, met a horrific end at the hands of Todd in order to keep Jesse cooking for Todd’s uncle’s gang, but her son, Brock, never really got closure in the main series.

For those who need a refresher, Brock had a very close call when he was poisoned with Lily of the Valley berries, which Walt fed him to manipulate Jesse into thinking he was actually to blame (Jesse had lost a ricin-laced cigarette–it was a whole situation). Realizing that Brock’s poisoning was not his fault and that he was going to pull through was one of the major catalysts for Jesse and Walt’s big falling out in the final season.

As far as we know, Brock is still fine–orphaned but alive–after the final episode, so seeing him and Andrea in a photograph in the trailer points to a likely conclusion for that storyline.

It looks like the photo might be kept in a police station, which would make sense if Jesse is the focus of a massive manhunt. The cops are likely investigating Andrea or keeping tabs on Brock.

Who is that by the river?

It’s difficult to make out any details of the two figures standing on the banks of a river–it’s possible that one of them is Jesse, but neither of them has quite the right silhouette or clothes. This may be our first look at Walter White and Mike Ehremantrout–both of whom have been rumored to show back up in El Camino in one way or another. Obviously, this would require some sort of flashback or hallucination, given that both of them are dead in the present day (unless Walt somehow pulled through), but significantly, the two characters shared Mike’s final scene together on the banks of a river (you know, before Walt murdered him).

El Camino

The name of the movie comes from the type of car we see him driving–a Chevy El Camino. But in Breaking Bad tradition, the name may have a double meaning. El Camino means “the road” in Spanish, which feels like it could be pretty significant.

Who is Jesse burying?

At some point, Jesse drives out into the desert to dispose of a body. We can see human hair peeking out of a rolled-up rug or tarp as he digs. Also, notably, it seems like this scene is taking place before Jesse shaves and cuts his hair, so there’s the potential that this may be a stop he makes before (or immediately after) heading to Skinny Pete and Badger. But either way, the question remains: Who the hell is Jesse burying?

Returning to the Whites’ House

Jesse seems to be looking for something in the Whites’ old house–or maybe another suburban New Mexican home that looks similar–but it doesn’t seem like he’s having much luck finding it. Maybe he’s after the missing part of Walt’s fortune? Or is there something he’s worried about leaving behind for the police to find?

The Junkyard

We don’t know what secrets could be unearthed in the junkyard, but it can’t be an accident that there’s a significant shot of a junkyard in the trailer. We have no idea what happened to the cars Walt left behind as he wove his way back across the country from New Hampshire. One of them was left in a Denny’s parking lot. Another, the one he modified to house the machine gun that took out Jack’s gang, was left at their compound. It may have ended up in the dump after the police were finished with the scene.

Wanted: Jesse Bruce Pinkman

The fact that Jesse is the subject of a massive manhunt isn’t all that surprising–Hank managed to get his confession on tape, so we can assume there is a record of it somewhere within the DEA. And with Walt’s body discovered by police and Jesse still in the wind as of the series finale, we can assume that a ton of time and energy is being put into tracking Jesse down, which will obviously be a major source of conflict for him throughout the movie.

Police Line Do Not Cross

It looks like Jesse takes a trip to a crime scene in an apartment building where he tries to duck from someone–potentially the cops. It’s impossible to tell whether or not the scene is new, active, or otherwise, or what it could have to do with Jesse.

Whose voice is that at the end of the trailer?

Jesse’s only line of dialogue in the trailer comes in a response to a question asked by a mysterious off-screen voice. “Are you ready?” To which Jesse nods and confirms “yeah.” It’s difficult to tell just who Jesse is speaking to, but there’s a good chance the voice belongs to Ed, the vacuum cleaner salesman who moonlights as a “disappearer” for criminals. Ed was the one who helped Walt start a new life, temporarily as it may have been, out in New Hampshire.

Is Jesse finally on his way to live a quiet life out in Alaska with Ed’s help, or is something more ominous going on here?

Don’t forget about the bugs

There’s a brief moment in the trailer featuring Jesse reaching out to pick up a small black beetle. The moment doesn’t have much context so it’s hard to tell just where the beetle came from, but given Breaking Bad’s history with insect symbolism (remember “The Fly”?) it’ll probably be significant.

What lab is being destroyed?

Several shots in the trailer seem to indicate that Jesse is trying to both infiltrate and destroy what looks like a working meth lab (it’s some sort of big, science-y looking building, but this is Breaking Bad, so really, it’s most likely a meth lab.) But with Walt gone and Jesse not cooking, and the gang that was holding him in captivity wiped out, who is Jesse trying to deal with? Is it possible that the blue meth legacy didn’t die with Walt?

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