Elden Ring Teaser Trailer Finally Arrives, Release Date Set For January 21

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At long last, a new teaser trailer for Elden Ring has finally been released. In a stunning turn of events after it had been MIA for so long, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware released the new video as part of the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show. You can watch it below. The video is capped off with a release date of January 21, 2022.

The trailer featured much more acrobatic combat than we’re used to in the Souls series or Bloodborne, with characters leaping up into the air and slamming down their swords to deal massive damage. There will be a mix of sword, magic, and gadgets as we saw in Sekiro, but the huge bosses seem to harken more to From’s earlier games than the duel-like bosses in its latest title. One boss appeared to be made up of multiple corpses, which is a FromSoftware trope that seems to make its way into nearly every game the studio touches.

There will also be mounted combat, which we haven’t seen from the studio’s other games, and FromSoftware previously said it will have a more open structure than its past games–but the walking pots and other grotesque beings make it very clear this is still From at heart.

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